Saturday, October 24, 2015

Got Jokes?

Quote Flair 24 - magazine, quote van de week | Flair at Home:

I've noticed a common trend within all my photos with friends, I always feel like I'm being photobombed. We can never take a 'normal' picture. Its always a super large grin, squinted eyes or some sort of weird facial reaction. I often wonder what was I laughing at? (it usually a random comment that seconds before the picture).
During dinners you'll find me cracking jokes about things that are completely irrelevant to anything at all. I find that laughter just makes the time go by soo much quicker. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself for the little things that you over react to like all the times I frantically looked for something that was right in face! Or those accidental embarrassing moments. I guess what I'm trying to say or as my mom would say "one life to live" and "life is too short" so have fun, be that one person to burst out in laughter in a completely quiet room
( I'm so guilty for doing this too many times) and don't always take yourself so seriously!

A confident person with wrinkles is so much more beautiful than a botoxed cat face person. Every time. Period.I love when people have great laughs...all of my friends do. That's why we're always the weirdos laughing about nothing-the laugh is way better than anything else.: I do this with my mom and aunt Colleen... my best friends and my cubicle cuties at work. Love em all, we have so much fun:

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