Sunday, February 14, 2016

RoTravels: Things to do Martinique

I recently went to Martinique because I mean, why not?! The flight was dirt cheap $250 round trip through Norweign airlines. Below are some pictures and things that we did and some tidbits of advice. Martinique is a french- speaking island so I highly recommend brushing up on basics.I was able to get by using my barely non existent french, but I am also very good at understanding french just not speaking. In times where you do not know the language use gestures and body language. It works just as well! Do not allow language barriers to deter you from traveling! The weather and beaches were very beautiful and not super populated. I've included some hotels and things to do below!

Key phrases (I've listed pronunciations based off how I would explain it someone else, hope that is easier)
Good morning/ good day-  bon jour
Good evening- bonne soirée (pronounced bon swah)
Thank you- Merci  (pronounced mer- si)
Excuse me - Excusez moi, or Pardonne (if you're trying to get through a crowd)
Excuse me where is- Excusez-moi , où est...
I would like- Je voudrais commander
I would like to go to -Je voudrais aller à
Where is the bathroom?- où est la salle de bain? (pronounced oo- est la sal de bain?)
How much is this? -combien ça coûte (pronounced com-bie sa cou-te?)
Salt- Du sel
Pepper- du poivre
Drink -boisson