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RoTravels: Things to do Martinique

I recently went to Martinique because I mean, why not?! The flight was dirt cheap $250 round trip through Norweign airlines. Below are some pictures and things that we did and some tidbits of advice. Martinique is a french- speaking island so I highly recommend brushing up on basics.I was able to get by using my barely non existent french, but I am also very good at understanding french just not speaking. In times where you do not know the language use gestures and body language. It works just as well! Do not allow language barriers to deter you from traveling! The weather and beaches were very beautiful and not super populated. I've included some hotels and things to do below!

Key phrases (I've listed pronunciations based off how I would explain it someone else, hope that is easier)
Good morning/ good day-  bon jour
Good evening- bonne soirée (pronounced bon swah)
Thank you- Merci  (pronounced mer- si)
Excuse me - Excusez moi, or Pardonne (if you're trying to get through a crowd)
Excuse me where is- Excusez-moi , où est...
I would like- Je voudrais commander
I would like to go to -Je voudrais aller à
Where is the bathroom?- où est la salle de bain? (pronounced oo- est la sal de bain?)
How much is this? -combien ça coûte (pronounced com-bie sa cou-te?)
Salt- Du sel
Pepper- du poivre
Drink -boisson


  • There are hardly stop signs which I found to be interesting.
  • There are no (hardly any) traffic lights,  the signs are a little stand and pretty small on the roads.
  • There are a lot of roundabouts everywhere and with the signs not as obvious you may have to stop and ask for directions
  • The speed limit on highways are 60 to 90 km

Fort de France

  • Taxi area morne  rouge (Balata Gardens ) 5.40 euro one way
** these are not individual taxis
**note you have to wait in the mini until all seats are filled approx 13 seats

Ferry "Vedettes Tropicales"
  • Ferry round trip 7 euro (fort de france to pointe du bout)
  • They also accept credit card aboard to pay for tickets. Round trip  7 euro, one way 5 euro. You purchase tickets on the boat.

**Ferry is approx 20 min ride. Also note the ferry only comes every hour.

Martinique Tourism

Behind hotel Bakou (bak wah)  there is a tourism booth and activities that you can do.  You can check out Ballad Au Delphin;visit my friend Crixy (Quicksy)  at the booth.You can also find information kayaking in the mangroves, submarine boat,etc

We were limited as we didn't have a car, but the only decent place in that area was the Baguette Shop and La Marina

Bakoua -overpriced, not as clean as it should be for the price. Our room was downstairs from reception are and the wifi sucked at ALL times. We had one bar on and off.

Other Hotels to check out:
  • Hotel Bamboo
  • Villa Melissa
  • La Marina -Restaurant nearby
Things to do
1.Visit Fort de France
2. Visit Balata Gardens.There is a taxi area there where you can take the Moun Rouge labeled car to Balata. (Note:most taxi drivers speak only french)
3.Take taxi from fort de France to visit anywhere else.
4. Jump In Water sport-boulee (inexpensive) We didnt know how to swim and you can still do it.Life jackets provided. They also speak English.
5.Cataphis Dauphin

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