Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kindness still exists.

So today,
As I went took the train back to the city my wallet fell out of my pocket somehow. I got out of the station  and walked to the Chambers street stop I check for my wallet and realized it was missing.In hopes of finding it I retraced my steps with no luck. I asked around and everyone just seemed hopeless. I guess because it was NYC  and the odds of finding  things are slim.

I thought to myself... how am I going to get home with no wallet (no ids,spare change or credit cards).I really didn't want to ask someone for a swipe because I didn't want people to think I was a panhandler especially after the article I read today about panhandling. (Side Note: did you know there are different levels/ types of panhandlers?  I didn't!)

Anyways, I thought Ill ask the MTA booth if  they could let me in the gate since I lost my wallet. A part of me also thought  " yeah right, he's probably going to have an attitude... or he's not going to believe you then you'll definitely have to ask someone for a swipe." To my surprise he told me where the nearest lost and found was and let me through the gate. This REALLLY made my day. I could get home!

I was also proud of myself at how I handled this situation. I was pretty calm. Ten years ago, I probably would've has a panic attack, broken down and cried my eyes out in hopes my wallet would be somewhere  in the abyss of my bag. 

Fast forward to 9PM, some guy 

shows up at my door and my brother says its for me. I asked for his name and I thought it was one of the neighborhood kids. I went outside and there was a man standing there with my wallet. I hugged and thanked him and went back inside. To me, this was soo surreal my wallet that was once lost 3 hours ago magically returned. I cried tears of joy not because my wallet was found, but at the simple fact that a good Samaritan was kind enough to drive all the way from Jersey City to Brooklyn to drop off a wallet that he could've just mailed. Not to mention everything was in the exact same spot with my ten dollars still in tact.We may never cross paths again, but to know that in a city known for being rude, and cold it was refreshing to know that KIND people still exist. I say all of this to say thank you,kind stranger if you're reading this!  It truly made my day! I wish I could repay you somehow!

To my readers, continue caring even when the world may be saying otherwise. Your good deeds do not go unnoticed.

Also, to my in person friends I may not always recognize it in the moment but I do think about and acknowledge eventually your kind deeds, attitudes and thoughtfulness. If I never get to say it again  thanks for choosing to be honest,considerate and thoughtful.I appreciate you. 💚

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