Friday, August 15, 2014

Create Marvelous Memories.

The summer so far has been awesome. Its amazing how on small shift  in perspective can really change EVERYTHING!

As I get older, I learn each and everyday that life is just too short not to spend it being around amazing people. I love that this summer I am getting to do just that. This summer is different from other summers because I CHOSE to spend my time with people I truly love being around.
My 'Spring Cleaning' as I like to call it  has bared it's fruits in the long run. The less time you spend being around negative and unproductive people, the more time you have to spread and share LOVE and that feels amazing! I get to know people on a deeper level.As as  the summer goes by take the time to:

  1. Care. No really care, about what's  happening in loved ones lives
  2. Call and Call often.
  3. Go out. Dinners, sporting events, outings and really SPEND time together.

Spend time with one another because you just never know what life will bring. It really means a lot to people when you spend time with them. I highly recommend smaller group settings or one on one. Talk about life, the crappy food you just ate the restaurant that Yelpers raved about ( insert mood here),pet peeves and other random stuff that happens in life. Most importantly, show them how much you appreciate them as an individual. How do you show your appreciation for someone?

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