Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Travels: Packing Tips

The holidays are a great time to travel, if you have the funds. Here are some of my tips for travelling:

travel_063.gifPicture courtesy of Clipart
  •  Pack light. Lay your outfits out before you pack them. For ladies, I recommend packing a pair of leggings as they are comfortable.
  •  Most of your items should fit in one luggage bag (26” luggage or smaller) if you are vacationing for 5-10 days.
  • Use a carry on to for light  items as well as a pair of spare clothing/underwear just in case something happens to your luggage or it gets lost.
  • Use travel size bottles and pack in a clear bag/Ziploc bag.  I like to use 3 regular size bags and place them inside a large gallon size Ziploc bag. I break them down into the following:
    • Shower items  i.e. (shampoo, soap)
    •   Hair items (hair ties, clips,  hair products)
    • Makeup items
  •  Place this bag in your carry on for easy removal at the TSA checkpoint. 
  •   Bring snacks like granola bars
  • Bring reading material!! Electronics can only last so long on a long trip. 
  •  Use this  Travel Checklist to ensure that you packed everything that you need.
  • Check out Squawkfox, Soniastravel,Quia Querisma,Seventeenth& irving for great packing tips!
Have a safe and happy holiday season!   

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