Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ro Reviews:The Gradspot Guide to After College


Title:The Gradspot Guide to After College
Author:Chris Schonberger, Stuart Schultz 

During the later part of the summer, I was feeling a bit discouraged and quite frankly somewhat confused and stressed with job hunting and the adjusting to not knowing what would come next. It finally dawned upon me, "umm hello, there has to be someone who has written about this before" and of course there was! I was over joyed. I found the first chapter online here. I loved how the book was written simple icons,easy to read, and to the point. I also think the author is hilarious,but I guess that depends on your sense of humor. I thought the book was very informative in particular the job search section is really great for readers that are unfamiliar or lack expertise in this area. This book reminded me that not having a full time job is not the end of the world. It gave me great suggestions of things to do in the meantime. I will be referring to this book when purchasing a car,which will hopefully be in the near future. In all, I recommend the book,because it is an easy read and you can read/skip to whatever sections you'd like.

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