Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ro Reviews: Zumba World Party

Purchased in October;Review taken from my Amazon review
Okay, so  I stopped playing the other Zumba rush and core  for a while because I knew which songs were going to play in what class and I just ended up over playing the songs I liked and I got bored. I  stopped and I went to take in class Zumba classes. I needed the change! Then I discovered Zumba World Party, a month after it was released. Im not sure if they did an effective job at marketing this product, I mean as an avid Zumba fan how could I not know?!  Anyways, onto the review.

I purchased the game in store at Best Buy and I have no issue playing my game so I'm not sure why some of the comments on black screens and such is happening.

A little about me:
I love learning new dances and experiencing different cultures.
I NEVER EVER do the tutorials ehh.. who has time for that? Besides if you have rhythm and get the footwork down you'll be fine. WIth that being said, I cannot assess how good the tutorials are,but other reviewers seem to like it.

Music selection: 
awesome! Fun,upbeat. I love culture so the song selection is great. I love doing new and different styles of dances. If you do too you'll love it. My favorite songs so far are "pega,pega"  and  “Kaim Rahe Sadari”

The moves are intense.
Yes, medium kind of does feel somewhat high intensity on some songs but thats because of the pace of the actual song. I love the realistic feel of the game and even when I dont want to work out, I do the 20 minutes and still feel like I have gotten a work out.

In all, its a great continuation to the Zumba series, I love it. If you like to dance, try it! ZUMBA wepa!! 

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