Sunday, September 22, 2013

The job hunt.

I apologize for not posting on here as much as I should, but  sometimes I find myself thinking  like Julie in the movie  "Julie and Julia" whether or not anyone ever reads any of the content on this blog. If you do, a comment would be awesome! Nonetheless, lets get to today's topic. The dreaded  JOB HUNT.  *sigh* where do I begin.  Firstly, the market is not at its best, therefore employers have the ability to be even more selective in their decision making process and its really difficult competing with your peers,other people who have lost their jobs and people who want to make a career switch all at once.

I really get annoyed when  googling or searching on job boards with key words like "entry level" and somewhere within the job description it reads must have one or more years of experience. "Hello?" where am I suppose to gain that experience immediately after graduating from school when you won't even give me a chance.Nonetheless, I shall share some of my tips:

  1. Make sure your resume is up to standard. (I am grateful to have landed interviews because of the quality of my resume.It makes me feel like at least I'm doing one thing right.)Does your resume reflect your skills accurately? Do you demonstrate leadership qualities,analytic,communication and teamwork skills? Do you have experience on your resume to talk about? If not, I recommend gaining some experience through internships(there are also virtual internships depending on your field of interest) or volunteering.
  2. Go all or nothing. Make sure to take time to read job descriptions and see whether or not its a good fit. Sometimes it is not enough to look at the job title. Not all job titles are created equal! Do not just assume you will not be a good fit.Write cover letters for the positions you REALLY want. Otherwise, you'll just end up using a generic format.
  3. Know your worth. Be confident about what you can bring to an organization and  demonstrate that! 
  4. Be positive.You are blessed!  Easier said than done of course! There have been times where I felt so discouraged,but then I think about all the things I am grateful for! The little things matter and imagine how many people who don't even have basic necessities.
  5. Get support and support others.(Buddy System)Try to find or talk to someone who is in a similar circumstance as you are. You both can encourage each other! If not, you can always call a close friend or BFF to talk about  how you're search is going etc.

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