Thursday, May 30, 2013


A moment filled with excitement entangled with other emotions. It always reminds me of the classic  Vitamin C song   "graduation". I envisioned  a graduation  ceremony with a powerful and influential speaker encouraging us to do better,followed by the classic line "this isn't the end, its only the beginning". Man oh man, was I in for a shock graduation day (May 30th.).

Firstly, it was 90 degrees and I had to wear  black commencement attire. Our ceremony was in a baseball field  in the afternoon. The sun was at its peak and here I am  sitting and slowly roasting in the sun.Hardly any of the graduating class was even paying attention. I mean, who could blame them? It was just too hot! Not to mention, there was just no breeze! Blow up beach balls became the highlight of graduation. I eventually was so dehydrated that I had to purchase five dollar water.Half way through the ceremony, most of the graduation candidate seats were empty because everyone,including myself went inside where there was shade and fans.The ceremony was about four hours and one to two hours of preparation time. I say all this give 4 suggestions for participating summer  graduation:

  • Ladies wear or carry flats,sandals  or flip flops. My flip flops saved my feet after two hours of standing in the same spot.
  • Gentleman wear short sleeve shirts,ladies sleeveless dresses or tops
  • Bring sunglasses,sunblock,mini fan,umbrella or some kind of shade apparatus and water( I  accidentally left mine with my parents)
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged.

In sum, my graduation was W-A-C-K! I am so grateful for hilarious friends who made this experience bearable.How was your graduation? What were the highlights for you?What tips or advice would you give to   other people graduating?


  1. Omg... I hope they switch back to MSG next year...I can't bear the thought of involuntary tanning lol

  2. LOL. I hope so too! I hope student life really learns from last year.