Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Hype Man.

I come to realize that I am a hype man. The one person that "hypes you up", that gets you excited, the chanter, the cheerer. They are the ones that are there at your lowest moments in life. Friends, I tell you, those are the kinds of people you should keep around.

Today at dance class, I found that hyping myself and people up made things that much funner! Somehow you just get lost in the moment. After class, I walked down Herald Square and for once I didn't have my headphones or phone out. It really helped me to be so grateful for the city that I live in. I'm such a speck in this world and somehow my voice as well as yours matters just as equally. So, I guess I'm saying is even with all the noise, lights,clutter and people you can still manage to grateful, to be at piece.You may not be where you want to be right now, but somehow life has a way of happening. Keep at it  because eventually the little details add up and make that puzzle look so much clearer.

In sum, the possibilities are endless with  a hype man.

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